Interview with Edward Mirzoeff

Interview with the British documentary filmmaker Edward Mirzoeff

How the industry is structured today and quintessential advice  for the young documentary filmmakers (so, do “always be patient to those who give it”).

Interview with Edward Mirzoeff by Katarina Petrovic

From the University of Exeter data base:

“Edward Mirzoeff had directed and produced many individual film documentaries for BBC1 and BBC2. One strand of his work has been to portray, behind the scenes, some of the major institutions of Britain. He was granted unique access to make “Elizabeth R”, a 110 minute portrait of the life of the monarch, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne. This film achieved the highest audience until then for a factual programme.

He made the first documentary ever shot inside Scotland Yard, and a film about a leading Regiment, the Royal Green Jackets. He produced a portrait of a public school, Westminster, and produced and directed “The Ritz”, a BAFTA award-winning documentary filmed front-of-house and behind the scenes in London’s exclusive luxury hotel. The most recent films he has directed have been “Torvill and Dean: Facing the Music” (which achieved another huge audience) and “Treasures in Trust”- marking the centenary of the National Trust. Read more about him…


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