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After studies in Directing and Writing for Screen and Theatre at UNITEC Auckland and graduating with a degree in Theatre Directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, Katarina obtained a Master’s degree in Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University (UK).

In theatre she directed Shakespeare, Lorca, Buzzati and Chekhov but concluding with a play by Milena Depolo – a pioneering project in Serbian theatre dealing with the subject of the inclusion of children with Down syndrome, Katarina shifts her focus solely on the  documentary film.

As Head of Production in VICE Serbia since its launch in 2014, Katarina participates in establishing the production and later focuses solely to the creative process of the production as Supervising Producer, overseeing all of the production’s films and strengthening the required VICE film style and format. Meanwhile she produces-directs and hosts her own documentaries broadcast on various VICE platforms.

Katarina was born on May 24th in Belgrade where she lives and works. She is bilingual in English and Serbian and fluent in French (DELF).

  • Directed and on-camera hosted “Earth Homes“, episode of VICE Extinction Update series 2020
  • Researcher on National Geographic upcoming series “Traffic”, in production 2020
  • Directed and on-camera hosted documentary film “Otpadne vode Beograda” (Belgrade’s Waste Waters) Al Jazeera Balkans 2020
  • Producer (freelance) for Zinc Network UK 2019/20
  • Directed and on-camera hosted “Serbia’s Recycling Problem”, episode 06 of VICE Extinction Update series 2019
  • Directed and on-camera hosted documentary film “Vraćena nevinost“, (Virginity Regained) VICE Serbia 2018
  • Head of Production/Supervising Producer, Director & Host at VICE Serbia 2014 – 2017

Documentary Films:

Show reel can be found here

Directed and hosted “Ispravljanje krivine”, (Bikers and Death) 48min

Hosted “Previše željena deca”, (Adopting Children in Serbia) dir. Marko Popovic

Directed and hosted “Broj koji nemam”, (Young Gamblers in Serbia)

Directed International Mom Advice shorties episode on Munchies

Directed and hosted “Izvan granica seksa”, (Crossing Sexual Boundaries) 38min

Directed and hosted “Tetovirane bake”, (Tattooed Grandmas of Bosnia) 28min

Directed and hosted “Bacanje hrane”, (Food Waste) 39min

Directed Bloody Arena VICE International (“U ringu do krvi” on VICE Serbia) 20min

Directed and hosted Cannabis Between Pain and the Law, VICE International 28min

Hosted “Kako su guze pobedile mišiće”, (Women Bodybuilders) dir. D. Čavić/D. Šaponja 13min

Directed, shot and hosted Beneath The Concrete, VICE International, 19min

Directed and hosted Blood Debt, VICE International, *Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival 2015, 34min

  • Freelance Videojournalist for AFP 2018 – present
  • Producer and Director at Trident Media Group 2011 – 1013

Directed and hosted Katarinin izbor documentary mini series

  • Producer and director at BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival) 2011 and 2012

Directed “The Chronicles of BELEF” broadcast on RTV Studio B and BELEF AV21

“Who Is Laurette?” by F. Cadier/M. Depolo, Dusko Radovic Theatre (awarded at the 8th Zvezdariste Festival), Belgrade 2009

“Birdcage” by J. Poiret, PAB Theatre, Serbia 2009

“The Love of Don Perlimplin and Belisa in His Garden” by F. G. Lorca, National Theatre of Belgrade, 2008

“Inya Saves Christmas”, The Ice City Festival, Belgrade 2006

“Romanticisms”, selected texts from the Russian Avanguard, Atelje 212 Theatre. Belgrade 2004

“Crime on Goat Island“ by U. Betti, Dadov Theatre. Belgrade 2003

“Something Beginning with L“ by D. Buzzati, Dadov Theatre. Belgrade 2002

“Shakespeare Files”, selected scenes from W. Shakespeare’s comedies (Festival Ohrid, Macedonia 2003) 2002

  • As Assistant Director in Theatre: “Ogovaranje” dir. Ljubisa Ristic, Budva grad teatar 2008; “Kaj sad?” dir. Egon Savin, Belgrade Drama Theatre 2002; “The Amphibians” in New Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco 1999
  • Intern Researcher on Channel4’s Unreported World series (Quicksilver Media Productions), Oxford 2010
  • Intern on Five News (Channel Five), London 2010
  • Intern on Sky Arts, London 2010
  • MA in Multimedia Journalism (BJTC Accredited), Bournemouth University UK 2010. Course based on convergence of reporting in Television, Radio and Online Journalism.
  • One World Media, undertook a workshop covering issues related to reporting and filming in the developing world, UK 2010
  • BA in Theatre Directing, Academy of Arts in Belgrade (Prof. Nikita Milivojevic) 2004
  • Directing and Writing for Screen and Theatre, Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, UNITEC. Auckland, New Zealand 1998/99
  • Westerford High School, Cape Town RSA
  • Frank Joubert Art School (Painting), Cape Town RSA
  • Grade 8 Piano, “Josif Marinkovic” Music School, Belgrade