Bournemouth Diaries – “Classical clubbing” bringing youth to art

“Classical clubbing” bringing youth to art

An innovative genre of music, combining DJ sets with classics by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, will explode in Bournemouth’s “Late Night of Classical Clubbing”.

Lead by the young conductor Kirill Karabits, BSO will be joined by DJ’s Gabriel Prokofiev and Danny Rampling in the event that will take place at the Bournemouth International Centre, on Saturday night.

“This idea is to combine classical music with something that’s closer to younger people who are regularly going out to nightclubs,” said the conductor Kirill Karabits who is setting out to break the rigid reputation of classical forms.

The event will begin with the music of the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev’s grandson Gabriel Prokofiev, who is known for promoting classical music in an unconventional way – in nightclubs.

With the idea to revive the classical music concert, Karabits will then conduct the orchestra into the repertoire of classical and contemporary music, followed by Danny Rampling’s two-hour long DJ set.

Bournemouth’s arts development officer Adam Gent commented on the issue of young people’s involvement in arts: “Often having two universities arrive at a doorstep of a town can offer the chance to expand its counter offer, because you’ve got a huge bunch of relatively affluent, educated young people and they’re up for some exciting stuff.”

“But I think that that isn’t the connection that Bournemouth has made with the higher education institutions and, likewise, not a connection those HEI’s have made back to it,” he continued.

Determined to get younger audiences involved, Kirill Karabits said: “I didn’t grow up in the UK and I want to see what the younger people are interested in and how I can contribute.”


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