Bournemouth Diaries: Face veil ban

Bournemouth Islamic community angry with the French face veil ban

Tama Bouguerrache, Head Teacher at the Bournemouth Islamic Centre

Bournemouth Islamic community is infuriated after the French Government approved a draft law forbidding women to wear a face veil.

Members are now concerned that Britain may follow suit, said Bournemouth Islamic community relations spokesman, Tariq K. Palmer.

“It appears that the French Government are hell-bent on generating mayhem in their country,” he said.

“Only a short while ago, they banned the use of the Hijjab (scarf) in schools and universities; now they want to go one step further and make a general ban.”

The suggestion includes a €750 fine for anyone found on the street with a covered or masked face. According to Jean-François Copé, President of the UMP Party in the French National Assembley, the law will contain exceptions so that it does not include people dressed for carnivals or masked balls

The law contradicts the aims of President Nicolas Sarkozy to try suppress the anti-Islamic views of the country.

“It is a great shame that people like Sarkozy wish to ignite more unrest amongst his population. As far as the Muslim community here in Bournemouth is concerned, we share a common interest in tolerance and understanding and justice in our country.”

Mr Palmer called PM Sarcozy a “racist Islamophobe who tends to forget how the substantial Muslim population contributes to the wealth and well-being of France.”

He added: “He is, in fact, providing ammunition for the French equivalent of the British National Party. Talking of which, I would advise them not to go down that road.”

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