The First One

I have been advised by a soon to be my new University to start my own blog. I have a dilemma. It could be of an egotistical nature, and it could very well be a matter of modesty.
I am reading about what a blog is, I have read a few by some people that I know, and the general idea that dominated was that a blog was a chance for people without a public identity to be heard – something like a chance to be on TV, in American terms. For people who are infected with the mass media pressure of being nobody until you have a public identity.
Yes, it is much harder to go through the thick, heavy everyday procedure in order to make a name for yourself (if you really have the need for it) but then there came a Blog, a virtual voice that anyone can have.
And then I read on about the scary information that there is an Orwellian company called Technocrati which makes a survey about these Bloggers. So there they are tricked into exposing any personal information, taking on an imaginary role of their favourite TV character, lessening their dignity. And someone is making statistics, while nothing is accomplished but loosing individuality of their ordinary, private lives, in desperation to gain public recognition. And the world is deprived of its mysticism.
So as a contradiction to what I just wrote, here is my first blog.
But so far I prefer the nerve wrecking, frustrating, grinding, insanely dynamic work of directing actors, making a play and saying “it” out loud in this manner, and not in the comfort of my room, behind a computer screen, unexposed and protected. (this was strange, as I have no sense of who I’m writing to.)

3 thoughts on “The First One

  1. This reminds me of my 1st attempt to blog…I found it really weird and even though you can retain some sort of anonymity (except if somebody with REAL power wants to know who you are and what you're up to)it still feels like your mind/feelings are being exposed… depends what you're writing about I guess. "Unexposed and protected"- don't know about that….If that was the case maybe then I WOULD write a blog!!! Best of luck, you have my support!!! xxxP.S What was the purpose of being advised to write a blog? How will it help you with your studies?

  2. I will be doing Masters in Multi Media Journalism – so I presume this is a good practise in writing as well as getting used to being exposed to anyone's judgement. Do we know eachother? (feels interesting/weird now, I presume there will be many anonymous people commenting) Do you have a profile? 🙂

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