“Who Is Laurette?”

“Ko je Loret?/Who Is Laurette?” at Theatre Dusko Radovic

Interview with the director Katarina Petrovic and playwright Milena Depolo. TV Studio B Belgrade, 27th March 2009

“Who is Laurette?”, a play about the inclusion of a girl with Down’s syndrome, appeals on small spectators to change their view of children who are different. Laurette’s story has its moments of pain with the aggravating circumstance that she must integrate into regular school with other children, but with her pure perception of the world around her, unburdened with trivial matters, and with her sense of humour, Laurette manages with ease to experience joy in her growing-up.

It is a challenge to deal with a topic such as Down’s syndrome in a society which is still unsure where and how to position such diversity of persons with special needs.

Performed as part of the regular repertoire of the Dusko Radovic Theatre since its premiere in March 2009.

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The play has also been performed on numerous festivals such as Zvezdariste Festival 2010 and TIBA Festival 2010.

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